Marya, Wojciech and Emilia Wapiennik

Click on the images below for a larger view. There are three Wapiennik’s on this particular manifest: Marya, Wojciech and Emilia Wapiennik. These entries begin on line twenty (20) and go through line twenty-two (22). Only one page of this ship manifest is available, and it is unknown if there even is a second page.

Marya Emilia Wapiennik Ellis Island Manifest

Marya Emilia Wapiennik – Ellis Island Manifest
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This manifest indicates that Marya Wapiennik was a 30 year old female who was married and had no occupation. She was originally from Krzyz, Galicia (modern day Poland) and could read and write. She had never been to the United States before and had with her $21.00. She was going to live with her husband, Wojciech Wapiennik at “541  N. P.E. Chicago, Ill.” [debatable legibility]This manifest indicates that Wojciech Wapiennik (henceforth “Wojciech Junior” for our purposes) was a 3 year old male, who could not read or write and whose passage was paid for by his mother, Marya (see above).

This manifest indicates that Emilia Wapiennik was a 20 year old female who could read and write and was “maid servant” [debatable legibility]. She was going to live with her brother at the same address in Chicago as Wojciech Junior and Marya Wapiennik. It is unclear, because of the penmanship, whether or not her brother was someone other than Wojciech Wapiennik, but common sense would suggest that she was.