Mary Emilia Wapiennik

Click on the image below for a larger view. Mary Emilia Wapiennik appears on line three (3). It appears that she was a citizen. This page of the manifest presents a problem: two alternate spellings of Wapiennik. It is not clear which version on this page is correct; the hand-written version or the typed version.

Marya Emilia Wapiennik Ellis Island Manifest

Marya Emilia Wapiennik – Ellis Island Manifest
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This manifest indicates that either a Marianna Wapiennik or a Mary Emilia Wapiennik, a single 16 year old female was a United States Citizen who was either born in Chicago on May 16, 1906 or naturalized in court under “PASS No. 1887, ISSUE WARSCHAU 17.8.22” (presumably August 17, 1922, just a month prior). She listed her home as 1650 W. Erie Street, in Chicago, Ill. with Stanislaw Wapiennik.