Jan Wapiennik

Jan Wapiennik’s name and other information is visible on line number twenty-eight (28) on both pages of this manifest.
Jan Wapiennik Ellis Island Manifest

Jan Wapiennik – Ellis Island Manifest (page 1)
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Jan Wapiennik – Ellis Island Manifest (Page 2)
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This manifest indicates that Jan Wapiennik was a 14 year old male who was married, and originally from Krzyz, Galicia (modern day Poland) and was identified as Polish. He was hospitalized but discharged and headed for Chicago, Ill to stay with master [debatable legibility] at “2329 Roby M.” He had a friend in his hometowm also called Jan Wapiennik [debatable legibility] and underneath that appears to be written, “Krzyz, Tarnow” [debatable legibility]. He was 5’6″ with brown hair and brown eyes. His mother paid for his passage to the United States.